Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Moving out from Laurel Canyon Apartment.

Last month I moved out from my apartment in Laurel Canyon Area. I hate dealing with the moving part of it and will do anything to avoid the horrible stress of caring hundreds of boxes and furniture--So I hired a moving company I founded on Yelp. They are called Royal Movers.

When I first met the movers I was a bit skeptical in seeing a Giant yellow truck with no adds or any kind of label indicating they are the actual "Royal Movers." Naturally, I freaked out when I saw these two buff  dudes come out of it. They were two young Russians and and their shirts were a bit too short for them. They were also wearing super tight shorts. That made me very uncomfortable ---

So I asked them: "Are you guys sure you are with the Royal Movers?  Maybe you got the wrong address." 

They proudly pointed to the "Royal Movers" logo in their shirts and with utter indignation they said:  "Have that ever happened to you?"

As soon as we arrived at my apartment, they started their moving job. They spoke loudly in Russian while executing their tasks. I wasn't sure why they were having so much laughter. Possibly they were making fun at my face or something...not sure...

Then,  I asked one of the movers to disasemble my bed. He got so distressed.  He started saying how Ikea products are so shitty...and then he would say after it.."No offense".  He was pissed because of Ikea's Shittiness and not because he didn't like me or anything. I understood his point. After I saw how much stress he went through by dissembling that bed I arrived at his same conclusion and started to simpathise with them.  

Even though the Mover didn't like my Ikea bed, he loved one of our old chairs. It actually belonged to Kate's grandma from South Dakota. The mover said in thick Russian accent: "This chair has a true American authenticity." He was indeed an expert in the craft of furniture. I was starting to really bound with my new Russian friends.

Besides being friendly, they were incredibly hard working. I never saw people carry so many boxes at once. Probably a Russian skill.

They were also extremely careful and wrapped up every single piece of furniture. It was fun watching them go around wrapping the stuff. It was as if they were in the middle of an intense cardio. While one of them run around the furniture several times with the plastic wrap, the other would hold the furniture and jump in-and-out of the way from the other in complete unison. They would sing together Russian melodies that sounded beautiful but completely unintelligible to me.  I was starting to love these guys. They were my new best friends.

Then, the service was complete. All moved! One of the movers calculated the final costs and got me a great discount in the end.  He asked me if it would be okay to give him a yelp review at the same time he gave me the discount.  That was so much fun! We got to simultaneously support each other! I asked them why they need my yelp review. After all, they had many great reviews already and didn't quite need mine. They said the more positive reviews they get, the better the chances for them to work in a Big Mansion next time.  


I said Absolutely! I love how optimistic he was and that he truly believed I was going to have my own mansion one day. Those are the kind of friends we need in life to keep the dream alive.

And then, just like that, they had to go. It was hard to say good bye to my new friends but I guess that how life goes. We meet people, get close to them, and in a blink of an eye, they have to go somewhere else. 

I would recommend Royal Movers to everyone moving out in LA area. If you are lucky enough you might be able to get my Russian friends as movers. Thank you for the amazing work, Royal Movers!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sexy Michelle

A few days ago I had to buy a new GPS because my old one is going cuckoo. This new one doesn't have a choice for a male voice. Just 2 females, Paulina and Michelle are available. I picked Michelle because she has a friendly feature: sexy voice. Kate finds Michelle's horny voice obnoxious and wishes Garmin had male voices with British accents on it. No need for being jealous, Kate. Michelle and I are just good friends!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Little Lioness

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just keep smiling.

Kate loves Halloween. In fact, she love it so much that she had to drag me to the L.A Haunted ride. 

The line was really big and as we approached the Hayride I could feel the chills on my back. I am such a wuss for this kind of things. When I was a kid I actually passed out after a monster jumped in front of me at a haunted house. The security guards had to carry me in their arms and hand my unconscious body to my mom.

The decorations were kind of cheap but scary as hell at the same time. I guess it's the handmade quality of the craft. To make things even worse, ugly monsters would come towards people waiting in line. Their victims were usually the ones that seemed to be the most scaried. I was absolutely terrified but didn't want to show signs of scariness. I kept faking a smile on my face. Poor Kate, on the other hand, is not a good faker.

The monsters would take advantage of her scariness and would pick her as a victim all the time.
At that moment I knew I had found the secret to not being harassed by monsters.

 So whenever I spotted a ugly monster, I would keep smiling as hard as I could. I would even laugh out loud a few times.

    The monsters realized I wasn't scarred and would look for another victim.

   Kate was always the chosen one. For the first time in my life, a haunted house was actually quite  entertaining.

   As we approached the truck, my heartbeats would accelarate exponentially.

A creepy german dude with a giant knife in his head came to welcome us to our death.

                         I wasn't too pleased to hear my death sentence, but I kept smiling.

                                                              The death journey begins.

                     We approach a foggy gate and hear horrifying howls on the background.

                       Suddenly, the truck stops right in the middle of the bloody wilderness.

                Horrifying Creatures jump over the hay ride fences and run towards the truck.

                            Freakish Zombies with yellow contact lenses are face-to-face with us.

                                                                      I kept smiling.

                      Staring at my squinty eyes, the zombie kind of noticed I was faking the smile.

 Before he scared the hell of me I pointed out to Kate and said "Why are you so scared, Kate?"

                               The Zombie turned away from me towards poor Kate.

                                                       And scared the hell of her.        

                            After the zombie attack, the truck start moving again.

                          From nowhere, asphyxiated, naked chicks covered in plastic bags attack us.

   Luckly, the bags covering their bodies limited their movement so they could do too much damage.

But that wasn't enough. The truck driver had to stop once again in the middle of the dark forest from   hell

    In the distance, a shadow that seems to be a bush starts moving.

          As it approaches to the truck, The bush creature reveals to be a hell of a troll!

     Kate almost had a heart attack. I kept smiling but with tears in my eyes.

               The truck driver announced were finally approaching the ending of the Hayride.

                              He congratulated us as we approached the last gate.

       What it seemed to be the end, turned out to be the the the worst of my nightmares....

                                                   ...CLOWNS!!!  I HATE CLOWNS!!!

                              So I grabbed on Kate's sweatshirt as hard as I could....

       .... hoping to keep my fake smile from cheek to cheek so the clowns woudn't  notice me.

                              Suddenly, dozens of clowns appeared behind the truck.

                                                They through a long cloth on top of us.

                              Since we were immersed into pitch black darkness....

                          .... the clowns were completely immune to my smile.

                           So I couldn't help it but to SCREAM OUT OF TERROR!

PS:  No one was harmed or injured in the hayride. We all survived through the nightmare. However, I don't think I am coming back to a scary ride for a long time.