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Yes, I know... Even 16-year-old kids can drive. Why an old dude like me cannot drive yet? Because I spent my whole life drawing cartoons and forgot there are other things in life a decent man needs to know about...but, hey!! I'm in the process of getting a driver's license now. Finally I'm realizing it's time to become a decent man and not having to ride my bicycle to Trader Joes to buy groceries.

So last week I had my behind-the-wheel test. My good friend Regis was the one in charge of taking me to the DMV since I'm still not allowed to drive on my own. Regis is a really kind soul and an optimistic man.  He kept pumping me up so I wouldn't feel nervous while driving.

There we were getting ready to go to the DMV to take the test that would happen in 40 minutes.

Because of his magnificent words of encouragement I was feeling really confident about driving. He gave me a few directions in how to drive safe and told me to start driving whenever I felt ready.

I felt readier than ever!! So I confidently turned on the keys, signed to the right and started reversing the car.

....and as I confidently reversed my car.....

 I bumped into a pink Cadillac behind me!!

  I felt a big hit!!!We realized we had not only hit the Cadillac behind us but also that there were two people inside.

I was nervous and didn't know what to do so I was getting ready to drive far far away. Regis told me to calm down and stop the car right away. If we left the place without stopping we would be charged with "hit and run."

The best thing to do in these situations, Regis said, was to go talk to the lady and to exchange information so I wouldn't get in trouble with the DMV. I was feeling scared and nervous since the lady was screaming her lungs out of her Cadillac.


I came to her and the first think I said was -" I'm really really sorry, lady."
The lady yelled at my face - " No No No ... There's NO sorry!! 

And then, for more than 30 minutes we had to hear her sermon in how a bad driver I was. My friend Regis tried explain to the lady that I was just heading to the DMV to take my test and I was just a little nervous. The lady said - " Oh Boy, that is not a good sign. This boy's gonna  fail.

The Cadillac lady asked me to lift my permit and to smile.  I did so.

...and then she pulled her camera and took a nice picture of me. On that moment,  I felt as if I was a wanted criminal or someone really dangerous. 

And then, with a scowl in her face the Cadillac lady stared at me and said - 
"Thats why I looove my smart phone!!!"


After all this mess I was feeling extremely nervous and discouraged. As a kind soul, Regis kept pumping me up and said that the incident was actually a sign of "good luck". All my bad luck had already happened so from that point on I would have a flawless behind-the-wheel test. 

Finally we arrived at the DMV.   It was hot like hell and the place was crawling with  loud people.

Our turn in line was very close.  My confidence really low from all that previous disaster with the horrible "Cadillac" Lady.

I was sweating like a pig and feeling nauseous. Regis noticed how miserable I looked. 


As a kind soul he couldn't help but seeing my struggle. Again he decided to pump me up.

Regis started telling me funny stories that happened with him on Twitter so I would loosen up a bit.

Minutes later we were all cracking up from those really funny Twitter stories until the DMV instructor  showed up at the window.

It seemed as she had heard our jokes and thought we were laughing at her because she looked kinda pissed off.

With a terribly angry voice she yelled - " GOOO!!!"  At that moment I felt really nervous and insecure and all my learning skills went down the window. The only think I could remember was stepping on the gas.

and I really stepped on it.....a bit too much I guess.

And that was the end of my test.

Well, I hope to get my DL one of these days.  For now,  back to my bicycle...

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I saw this fellows today while riding my bike to work.

These two sisters were apparently moving into an apartment around the area. The older sister was having to do all the heavy work while the little one joyfully watched the older one carry their luggage.

This man was very long and skinny and he had an extremely tiny Chihuahua. The dog was really vicious despite of its size.

Sometimes living in Burbank can be really inspiring!!

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On June 17th,  my friends Andres and Sun Ha will be holding an art auction to benefit the victims of human trafficking.

Sadly, human trafficking  still happens nowadays and it's actually even worse than it used to be. How heartbreaking it is to see human beings being treated in such a horrible way. How inhuman. I'm so happy my friends Andres and Sun Ha are organizing this event as a way of alerting society about this situation and also to support organizations that are dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. Thanks Andres and Sun Ha for fighting to make this world a better one and to let me contribute on this great cause.

Below are digital studies for the art piece I came up with:

At first, I thought in having two children holding hands representing "hope". This idea was inspired in one of the documentaries I watched related to human trafficking. There's a very touching moment when we see a picture of two children carrying huge rocks on their backs. They were holding hands.  That image really inspired me.

I also explored one other idea related to the horrible vision of children being used as slaves. It's a horrible and touching sight and I thought it would be an interesting point-of-view to bring up.

Exposing the cruelty that slaves go through in human trafficking was my main focus. At first I wanted to expose the cruelty that children go through in human trafficking. However, I ended up
choosing an adult in this painting since it would seem less specific and it could be a more universal way of conveying this issue.

                                                             Final Painting
                                                             title: Inhumanity
                                                             media: gouache  4 3/4 x 6 3/4" (12 x 17 cm)


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